Friday, April 27, 2012

Zipper Post Cards and Lunch Box Notes

Hi there! How are YOU? Getting ready for a fun weekend? Wow I have been busy for weeks and weeks. I think a FUN weekend for me this weekend would be to stay home and craft all weekend long. So many crazy things going on in my life right now. I'm ready for life to settle down a bit. I am ready for a break! Whew.

So enough of my whiny pee pants and on to some fun. I made something fun with my zipper SVG files x6 and some FUN My Thoughts Exactly stamps. I don't know what to really call them so I am calling them zipper post cards or lunch box notes. So here is how they work. They are like a basic card, but the card seals to itself so you don't have to use an envelope to mail a little note to a friend. You can fold them 2 ways. First you can fold with pattern on the outside and put a label mailer on the outside with the recipients address or the little "Thanks" like I did below. Can you visualize how that would work if you just remove the "Thanks" and put the address on the label? OR you can fold it the opposite way (If you are using patterned paper (which I think is the most darling and so much more fun) with the white on the outside and the pattern inside. Here are just a couple little quickies I put together for you. 

 This is before I sealed it together.
 Itty Bitty Tippy* When you seal the post card only put adhesive on the bottom part of the flap so you have plenty of space to write inside your post card. You do NOT want to put the adhesive on both sides of the zipper like you would normally with the zippers x6. 

*Warning* terrible handwriting...Yes I have horrible writing because 
of my injury to my right side....Please ignore..... Moving on....

 The "Wishing you everything wonderful in life today and always" 
sentiment is from  My Thoughts Exactly Big Thoughts 

 You can't really tell in the picture here, but this one is a mini lunch box note. It's so cute in person. I bet the kiddos would love this and be a huge hit at school....even hubby would love a sweet little love note. *Wink*
The "Just a Note" sentiment is from My Thoughts Exactly More Big Thoughts.

So how did I make these you ask? Super easy peasy.

First you need my Paper Zippers SVG File x6
(Not the envelopes, well you need those
 anyway for other projects*Wink* but not for this project)

1. Choose the style zipper you want to use.
  I used Zipper 5 skinny small for my notes cards I think this is the best one to use especially if you want to mail to a friend. The small will not get snagged in the post.

2. Measure the zipper rectangle and Create a 2nd plain rectangle from basic shapes with the same dimensions as the zipper piece.

3. Lineup both rectangles side by side(like a card) making sure they are just barely touching with the zipper at one end not in the middle. Now just UNION together.
If there is still a line showing in the middle go to UNDO 
and try getting the two rectangles closer to each other and re-union. 
4. Cut! 

Super duper easy! If you have any more questions or problems you can always email me and I can help you. Thanks everyone have a fabulous weekend! 

If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. So cute Lenae! And your handwriting is just fine!

  2. Oh this is fabulous what a great idea...your handwriting is fabulous too!!! ;) Hugs x