Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craft-a-thon cards

Ok so I know I mentioned that I was on a week long craft-a-thon vacation!
My fiancee and I go to a tiny little town called Soap Lake in WA state. He goes goose hunting and I stay in the cabin with my little Kalani girl and we craft our hearts out for a week! It's the most relaxing time ever. One really good thing (that I thought was bad to begin with) was I didn't really have any cell service or internet...GASP I know! But it turns out that it really helped me get back into my groove not having any distractions!

I haven't told you that I ordered some goodies from Papertrey Ink with my Christmas money. I was so excited to get to order some of their goodies! I have to say I am very impressed with their products, but less than impressed by their customer service. I have ran into multiple issues with PTI customer service. I won't go into now, but maybe I will share later.  I ordered my goodies on January 12th (before their release) so that I would receive my toys before we left on January 23rd. Unfortunately PTI didn't send my package to UPS for 5 days and I did not receive my package on time. Major bummer! But there was good news! My fiancee, being the sweetheart he is, called one of his buddies who owns a cabin not too far from where we were. My fiancee had his friend drive to our house, pick up my package and bring it to me all the way over to Soap Lake!!! Is that not the sweetest thing ever? So I got to play with my goodies along with the new MTE stamp release that Alyssa shipped me to the Inn we stayed at. I feel completely spoiled an almost embarrassed to tell you that story! But hey a girl has priorities and it could be something worse than a crafting obsession! Right?
Here is the first card I made with my MTE and PTI. I also used a heart background stamp from A muse and a Spellbinders die! I had so much fun!

This is basically the same card just different colors. I like the first one better.
That's the thing I am so LOVING about MTE stamps is that I can mix and match them with so many other companies and sets! I used the Lovey Puns Animals for this card! :)

Ok that's it for today!
Thanks for stopping by!
If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. Beautiful cards ... I love those MTE stamps, too! Thanks for visiting my blog:-)

  2. I love your card, you always amaze me.
    I am all about customer service. Why do companies not realize this is one of the most important aspects of doing business? I really hate when companies don't treat me like I matter. Who's doing who a favor is what I ask? I guess some big for your britches this is bound to happen. At least we have MTE and know how important customers are to her.

  3. Award for the best fiancee of the world ,-)))

  4. i've heard TONS of stories about how poor the PTI customer service is! you have a fabulous fiance.