Friday, December 2, 2011

The Big Advent Project! Plus WINNER !

I know I haven't been posting much in the last month. I have been busy busy busy with a brand new SVG file I made. Back in October my cousin's girlfriend sent me a picture of the Kaisercraft wood advent calendar drawer set. I am SURE you have seen them if you craft! She said she wanted to make something like that for the kiddos and wanted my help. The thing was those wooden boxes were a bit pricey and out of the budget as my cousin wasn't working at the time. So I set out to design something special. I actually surprised myself and made an entire paper drawer and shelf set out of only paper! I really couldn't believe I did this. I started working on this and was so excited to share this with everyone and then all of a sudden a ton of other companies started releasing similar SVG's so I sort of got discouraged and set it aside.

 My cousins girlfriend came over to my house a few times to work on the project, but we never finished it because on a good note my cousin got a job which meant no more time to craft. I bet you know how that goes?

I started making another one for my mom and grandma, but again I didn't finish it.

On Weds my very special crafting friend, Julia, came by and helped me finish BOTH of the calendars! I really wanted to have them finished by December 1st and WE did it! I can't thank her enough for her help!
And now I can finally share my creation with all of you!
I used my one of my favorite paper collections by My Minds Eye. It's called I believe! All embellishments are from the collection or from dies and punches, but the drawers and shelves are my SVG. I am so in love with this paper I bought 3!
Hope you like it! The first one is my cousins. She wanted it kind of fun and funky so here is what we came up with! Remember EVERYTHING IS PAPER! Completely handmade! :)

I also cut out little squares for the inside of the drawers. I love having little secret squirrel surprises on my projects. The squares were stamped with little surprise Christmas characters and sayings so when you open the drawer there is a little unexpected surprise!

The 2nd drawer set is almost identical, but it is more clean and simple! Julia is very talented at clean and simple so she did all the embellishing of the drawers for me! Isn't it great?

I can tell you that this Calendar is a bit complicated. I just can't decide if I should sell it? Part of the problem is I really don't have a way to do a tutorial for you and it might be too complicated without a tutorial. What do you think? If you are interested in purchasing this SVG please email at It does make an amazing gift for someone special! You will blow them away that you made everything!

Today is also giveaway day for the My Thoughts Exactly Gift Certificate! The lucky winner is Jennifer! Please contact me at

If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. Great advent calendar... sooo pretty.

  2. You guys did a great job! Those papers are perfect. TFS

  3. Love MME! and I love that calendar...You should do a tutorial...Just video it and post it to you tube...most everyone that buys it will already have access, and the drawers look the do it!

  4. You did a great job on this Lenae.


  5. I love this project Lenae!!! AMAZING!

  6. Great design and love those papers. So fun and festive. Making an advent calendar has been on my to do list, but just have not gotten around to it. So many crafty ideas and so little time...LOL


  7. Absolutely amazing project! no wonder it took you a while to finish