Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cupcake Surprise!

Hi there! I have something really special I want to show you today! Actually I have been hoarding this for over a month now! I have a whole scavenger hunt story behind this 3D cupcake card!

So it all started a few months ago! I saw something similar to this on a blog (I cannot remember who's blog at all), but there wasn't any tutorial!  Can you imagine??? How could they do this to me??? SHEESH!!!!! Of course you know me, I HAD to figure this one out! It screamed SUGARGEM!!! I couldn't find any tutorials at all anywhere! I was so sad! So a couple months went by and I still had this cupcake on my mind. Low and behold when I was in Hawaii, in the hardware store of all places, there was a print out for a 3D cupcake sort of similar to the one I had seen. The hardware store version didn't have the surprise tag, just a 3D cupcake using foam balls. (I had already figured they used foam balls, but this really sealed the deal) So I snagged the little printout, put it in a safe spot in my luggage, for when I got home.
I got home in September and the first project I wanted to make was this cupcake!
 My really good craftin girl's birthday is the beginning of October so I knew I was going to make it for her! I was having a few issues with the whole tag part though! I mean the cool part of the original cupcake was the tag surprise!  (I love secret squirrel surprises on my projects) I was scanning through and saw one of my favorite artists had made one too just by chance!!!! So I emailed her and she linked me to her blog, but guess what? It wasn't in ENGLISH!!! Her pictures were almost enough, but I still had some questions. Here is a link to her blog if you want see what I am talking about.  So I started surfing the web again for more instructions or tutorials. I ran across one of my favorite Youtube artists, Fabulously Artsy. Low and behold there it was! My long lost cupcake tutorial right there in front of me with a full YOUTUBE video! HOW DID I MISS THIS IN THE VERY BEGINNING???? All my questions were answered!
FINALLY I finished making my cupcake masterpiece!! 

I can't give credit to just one person! It is kind of a Frankenstein cupcake with inspiration from everywhere, but I just love how it turned out!
I ended up putting it in a box and mailing it to my friend as her "Birthday card"! She loves blue and pink together so I had to add the little navy blue ribbon too! I even made the pink heart out of clay for her! :) And I will give you 1 guess what stamp set I used......

That's right My Thoughts Exactly Sweet Thoughts set! Oh My Gosh this set is AMAZING!!! It goes with everything I make I swear! Well maybe that's because almost everything I make has to do with sweets! hehe
So since I love all of you, my followers, and I am not going to make you go through the agony I had to go through to figure this out. I will link a tutorial for you! You can thank me by leaving me a comment because I always love reading your comments! :)

Since I made this Belinda from SVG's By Bee has designed a really cool cupcake card that turns out to be really similar to this in a real card form! Check it out at her store!

If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. cute! I found a tute a few years ago:

  2. Lenae, your cupcake is so yummy!

    I'm so glad you posted this! I came across a blog approximately 2 weeks ago with this same cupcake project, but different blog. I was planning on making one for my DIL for her birthday on the 9th. But I could not find the blog again. LOL It was a Norwegian blog. I still may have time to make one now.

  3. Here is a tutorial.....
    Pretty cool!
    Love yours! CallyAnn

  4. Lovin' you Sugar! What a beautiful cupcake....what a lucky friend:)

  5. Great project. Thanks for doing all the work and sharing it with us. I will definately have to try this.