Thursday, September 29, 2011

Design! Need some help!!

I decided I just couldn't stand my layout any longer so I just deleted it! The post font blurring into the side bar font was just too confusing. I loved the header, but it was too jumbled up. Now SugarGem is super boring, but clean and easy to read. I really can't find anything I like. Anyone have any suggestions of good place for freebie headers? For some reason even the font that I choose in Blogger won't take. Strange. So there you have it now you know what is going on!

I do have a card I would like to share with you today. It is very simple, but I really like it. My MyThoughts Exactly Design Team member Jennifer Rzasa inspired me to make this card. She is so so talented. She can take a simple line and turn it into a piece of art! She does a lot of work with simple lines and I always love them! So here is my take on the LINES! :)

This card also is a really good example of what you can do with My Thoughts Exactly stamps! I used the Sweet Thoughts set on the card! I love how versatile these stamps are!

Thanks for stopping bye today and if you have ANY suggestions on blog headers I am all ears!

Don't forget this Saturday(Oct.1) is the My Thoughts Exactly release party and Sunday (Oct 2, my bday) is the start of the October Pumpkin Spice blog hop where I will be unveiling my featured artist kit! I can't wait to show you! Plus you will not believe the price for all the product in the kit! WOW is all I can say!
If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. I just LOVE it! Of course I adore the simplicity, and the way you broke up the sentiment is so cool. And I feel honored that you mentioned me on your blog! What a fun surprise to see in my google reader today :)

  2. too cute! i'm horrible with blogging...I don't even know how you did your sidebar the tutorials and stuff? So sorry, I can't be ANY help! :)

  3. Have you tried the Cutest Blog on the Block. I believe they are all free.

  4. Oops, yeah you have been there. LOL Check out