Thursday, May 5, 2011

SugarGem's Square Cupcake Pedestal Topper

I don't think I could ever get tired of cupcakes, how about you? What is it about them? I think it's because there's so many different things that we can do with them and they are so darn cute!

My Mother's Day gift to you is my square version of the cupcake pedestal toppers. This one is a lot easier then the round topper. It's all one piece. Just download the file, unzip and cut! Easy Peasy! Score each side at the fold approx 1 1/8"(not exactly), glue the little tabs then thread with ribbon.

 I attached my SVG file for my followers so you can make one too for yourself or someone special. This is my gift to you. I am not charging for my template. All I ask from you is that you do not sell the design and if you use my design please give credit where credit is due. I ask that you link to my blog and let everyone know where you got the idea! That's it! Thank you for checking my creation out! Have fun and enjoy. 

Link has expired.

If I can inspire one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem

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  1. This is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing...I love it...I had to have this one thanks....

  3. Thanks so much! This one's so cute. I plan on making these for graduation centerpieces for our band banquet. Lovely!

  4. I cut your cupcake stand out - check it out on my blog -

    Thanks for the SVG!

  5. Thank you for sharing this awesome file!! I will give credit to whom credit is due when I use this file and make something with it. This is really awesome! I am planning to use it for a display for some of my products I take pictures of to sell in my store. I will link you to everything I do with this project! Have an awesome day!
    passionwriter70 on You Tube and Handmade Creations
    Blog is and I have a that is HandmadeCreations I do classes doing various projects. My goal is to do a weekly class to make something. I usually schedule my classes every Saturday at 3PM EST unless I post otherwise. I will be having it during the week this week though due to we have some emergency must do's this Saturday. I will be posting soon when my next class is going on. If you are interested come on by!
    God Bless!

  6. you have inspired - you have done your job. thank you. !!!

  7. This is beautiful! Is there any chance you'd extend the link availability? I discovered it a little too late! :)

  8. I also would love to have this svg file. Is there anyway to get it? Thank you so much!

  9. Ooh, I just discovered your blog and am in love with this cupcake pedestal. My best friend is having a birthday, and she is a cupcake fiend so I really need to make this for her. She would love it. Is there some way I can purchase the file? Please, please, please.

  10. Love it! 3D Papercrafts are MY FAV! PaperDollsBlog sent me! I hope I got to the right place to say Hi! I want your 3D pick nick table! ;) Love your blog but you follower button isn't working for me :( I will try again later!

  11. oh nevermind my first comment I found the right place lol yes I am a dork lol

  12. wow, this is fantastic. I would love to to receive the cupcake pedestal. I love 3D projects that are functional. Can you possibly email the SVG file to me at I will link it back to you when I post my finished project. Thanks.

  13. My church is doing a benefit for a 9 year-old girl with Leukemia and I am providing some of the decorations/silent auction items. This is perfect for some of the things I am going to make, is there any way I can purchase this file? I haven't seen anything else like it, it is fabulous!

    1. Beth if you email me at love sugar gem at gmail dot com I will send you the topper. The base is not mine I still have not had time to make a base. But you are more than welcome to use the topper!!