Monday, May 2, 2011

I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!!

Yes I am proud of myself! lol Actually I'm really excited because I finally figured out how to make an SVG file and ACTUALLY SHARE it with you! Wahoo!
I have to send out a HUGE thank you to Craig at Craft Edge he pretty much did it all! THANK YOU SOOOO much Craig!

Here is my first download for you. It is a tabbed border with 2 circles to make the topper for the cupcake stand I posted earlier.

 What's so cool about this you may ask? It's cool because you can use ANY border you have in your collection to make this cute little pedestal stand with this border strip.

 It's not PERFECT guys, it's my first one, but it will make a super cute cupcake pedestal I promise.

This is my personal cut file that I am gifting to you for being a follower. Please remember to give credit where credit is due. This is not to be sold this is for personal use only. I work hard on these and hope that you will pay it forward!

Here is the download it is zipped so don't forget to unzip it-

Link has expired.

The file is a tiny bit smaller then my photo. In my photo I made it 4.5inches and the file I made for you you is only 3.5". I did this for a cool reason though. With the 3.5" version the border is sized to fit perfectly around the circle so you don't HAVE to use 2, but if you want to resize it larger please feel free to do so you will just need to cut 2 borders.

You will also need:
Rosie's Ribbon's here or your choice of border strip.
Sharon at RSMobley Designs has brand new border strips in this months MAY grab bag too that would be amazing. here
I also like the light weight chipboard you can get at Joann's in the 3 pack. I used the white light weight chipboard for Heather's stand base to make it more solid.


1. After you download the file and unzip it you will need to find a border strip that you want to use. I used Rosie's Ribbon's from SVGCut' to make my pedestal pictured. Take your chosen border and size it to the same length as the my border strip with the tabs.

2. Line up the flat side of my tabbed strip to your flat side of your chosen border. Make sure they are touching evenly.

3. Highlight both together.
4. Select Path > Union

This should make it into 1 single border. If it is not lined up perfectly you can "undo" and try over until you get the strips lined up perfectly. The first time I did this it took me a few tries so don't get discouraged if it's your first time! :)

5. Once everything is looking right you can go ahead and CUT the shapes on your favorite paper choice.

6. I like to use my score board and score a line all the way along the edge of the tabs. This makes it a lot easier to glue the circle evenly to the border. If you don't have a way to score the border just go ahead and carefully bend each tab over.

7. Glue the tabs to the top of one circle. going all the way around the circle. Gluing to the top of the circle makes it easier to get the border even. I prefer to use liquid glue so that I can line everything up, but if you feel comfortable using tape go right ahead.

8. Glue the 2nd circle to the top of 1st circle. This will cover up the tabs and make everything look clean and pretty.

And if you missed today's earlier post the adorable tulip cupcake wrapper is from
-Spring Cupcake Wrappers Collection Here.
If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem

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  1. I love your cake plate, but I noticed that the link is not active anymore. Are you still sharing your svg file? You are very talented! thank you.