Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Easel Card for the Creative Team at RSMobley Designs

Hi everyone! Here is my Easter Easel card I made for the Creative Team at RSMobley's Designs! I used 3 different collections with this card.
Here are the following collections you will need.

1. April Easter RM00099 Here
2. Flower Blossoms 1 RM00143 Collection Here
3. May Flowers Collection RM00080 Here

What you will need in addition to RSMobley's collections
1. Cardstock and paper choices
2. Scissors
3. Scoring tool
4. Glue
5. Border punch
6. Pop Dots/Dimensionals
7. Ribbon
8. Hole Punch
9. Silver embossing powder
10. Embossing ink
11. Embossing heat tool
12. Paper trimmer
13. Dry embossing folder
14. Embossing machine like Cuttlebug or what ever you have will work! :)

To make the Easel card

1. Trim cardstock 8.5"x5.5" this will be your base for the easel card.
2. Score along the 8.5" side at 4 1/4" and 2 1/8". The picture below is what it should like after you score the paper.

3. Trim another piece of cardstock at 5.5" x 4.25" This will be the back that attaches to the cardstock. I prefer to use cardstock. This is the part that will be sitting upright so I like it to be strong to hold everything up nice and sturdy.

4. Trim another piece to go on top of the 5.5"x 4.25" at 5 3/8" x 4 1/8". I like to dry emboss this piece to give the card some texture. Glue this piece on top of your 5.5" x 4.25" piece.

5. You can glue your cardstock base to the 5.5" x 4.24" together now then embellish  or what I like to do is put together everything first then glue to my card base.  Here is a picture of where to glue your card base and what it should like.
Sorry my pictures are terrible I tried over and over to get some better pictures, but nothing was going right so this is it! :)

6. I like to trim a piece of paper to cover the front portion of the flat piece in front of the card. I like to cut a piece at 2.75 "x 5.5". Glue this down to the front bottom (This is the plain blue strip under the yellow strip in my picture).

7. Then choose another color or patterned paper cut at approx 1 7/8"+ x 5.5". Using your border punch, punch your design on both sides of the strip (this would be the yellow part in my pictures with the ribbon).

8. Take the piece you just punched and add ribbon or some embellishment to the top or leave plain. It's pretty just punched with a border punch too!

9. Get your dimensionals or pop dots (that's what I call them). Put one on each end then at least one in the center of the strip, but you can put as many as you would like!

10. Place this strip approx 1+ inches back from the front edge of the card. This will keep the easel up right! See my picture above to see how I layered the strips if you are at all confused. But really it's super simple!

Now for what I did with RSMobley's Collections I sized these all at "Keep proportions"

Blossoms collection-

1. I cut out the 5th flower in the Blossoms collection to create the Sun. I cut 1 at 3.63" and another at 3.05". I used basic shapes for the circle and cut that at 2.25". I put the smaller flower behind the larger flower so that it would like a sun.

April Easter-
1. Cut 2 strips of the grass at 5.42"
2. I sized the bunny to 2.13"x 3.37" (keeping proportions) and all the pieces of the bunny and sized them fit with that size.
3. I cut 6 stems and leaves. 4 at .75" and 2 at 1.25".

May Flowers
1. Cut the fence at 5.55"
2. I cut the flowers at the standard size.

Basic fonts
I cut out the Happy Easter with Arial Black 1". Then copied and pasted another set to make the shadow. I combined them together Shadow blacked out at 7" and welded.

A Few Little extras
1. I cut the right side off the fence to create 2 pieces.
2. I punch out about 20 tiny circles and laminated them all together to create a knob for the fence.
3. I rolled the knob around in the embossing ink then embossed it with silver embossing powder then glued it to the fence. (see my picture above to see where and how I did this)
4. I used my pop dots on the grass to give the card more dimension.

If I can inspire one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem