Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Door Hanger For Cards and Goodies with Free Easy Tutorial

Leave a card on your friends door. Do you have a bunch of friends not feeling well lately? Leave them a card and a pack of Theraflu or some cough crops with out waiting for the mailman and/or contaminating yourself with germs. I have wanted to design a little door hanger to hold cards for a long time. Too many times I have gone to drop off a card and realized I didn't have anywhere to put it. (cuz you know it's ILLEGAL to drop a card in the mailbox without mailing it lol) So here you go!
Now we all have something to put our cards in when dropping bye a friends house.  I made the hanger large enough to add a few other goodies or to put a heavily embellished card inside! I made this abour 2 months ago and wanted to decorate one with more embellies, but never got around to it so here ya go! Hope you guys like it!

 It's super cute with just a card, but you could take a friend who isn't feeling so well a couple get well goodies.
Here are some ideas. All of these items tuck neatly inside along with a card.

 I have attached a little tutorial and dimensions for you so you can make one too for yourself or someone special. This is my gift to you. I am not charging for my template. All I ask from you is that you do not sell the design and if you use my design please give credit where credit is due. I ask that you link to my blog and let everyone know where you got the idea! That's it! Thank you for checking my creation out! Have fun and enjoy. 

Cut your favorite paper as follows (I recommend using double sided paper with this because of the way it folds you will see the backside of your paper along the sides of the door hanger when completed)
1 piece 12"x 8 3/4"
1 piece 6" x 4 3/4"

Score the larger 12"x 8 3/4" as follows
Along the 8 3/4" score both sides at 1"and 2"
Along the 12" at 1", 2" and 8"( at the 8" score do not score all the way across paper. Only score 2 inches in up to the 2" line on each side please see pictures below)

After cutting away the shaded areas this is what you should have left see below.
 Using any punch you like punch the top of the 6" x 4 3/4". Making it easier to pull out the card from the holder plus it looks cute!.
Fold along score lines and glue. Using an oval punch or circle punch, punch a hole in the top for the hanger. It should look like picture below.

Glue small 6" x 4 3/4" to folded piece and Voile you are done! You could embellish more or just go simple.

I also recommend cutting a little slit along the side of the door knob hole just incase your friends door knob is enclosed.
And just in case you were wondering I used the K & Co Sweet Nectar paper collection.
If I can inspire one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem

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  1. Such a superb idea, I love it! sweet little gift box, thank you for sharing your tutorial

  2. I love how you do that: make all the cute things 3D! Keep doing what you do so well :)

  3. Just used this today to make one for my daughter. Thanks so much. I plan on posting a link to this on my blog when I post it. AWESOME