Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surprise on my porch!!!!

Look what landed on my door step yesterday!

Swapping is like Christmas ALL year round! This is a swap with my  friend, Jan. She actually emailed me and encouraged me to start! Thank you SOOO much Jan! I wanted to share this with all of you because everyone starts somewhere and how do you know about swapping until someone shows you! So I'm going to show you what a swap is like!

 When we swap we do not ask for anything specifically it is all a SURPRISE. There really aren't any RULES. Everyone just finds what works the best for them.  It's like being a kid again. How fun huh? When you start swapping with someone you just start to figure out what they might like over time. Here is what I received.
Cute little drawer with dividers

Goodies in first drawer

Goodies in the second drawer

No your eyes are not deceiving you.... she sent me Spellbinders! Not only Spellbinders, but hard to find Spellbinders. How amazingly awesome is she? And look at those adorable giant grommets!  She always knows what I will like.  One of my favorite things about swapping is that I get things that I might not normally buy for myself because sometimes I get stuck in tunnel vision.

Swapping will expand your creativity within your crafting adventures. Opening up new ideas that we would normally not think about!


  1. Wow!!! You got some wonderful goodies!!! Can't wait to see all the fun creations with your new toys!! Hugs!!!

  2. Did you fix a value how much you will spent for each other? Is the swap only between you and her?

  3. Well crud..gimme YOUR addy and WE can swap!! I gave Lacee [from Pages In Time and now she has her own website] a whole load of stuff. I made flowers, bflies..gave her loads of paper 8x8, candy, tape, more 12X12 papers, lace, ribbons...oiye..i spoiled her rotten and what sucks, we dont really talk anymore !!