Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Gift Idea

I love making little gifts for friends. It's my new obsession.  Here is a little gift I made taking ordinary to extraordinary. 

 Here is one of my favorite touches. I like to tuck a little something special under the lid of the mint tin with a cute little saying or quote. Just adds that special touch.  I found these little mini Altoid tins at Safeway.
 Here is the before and after of the lip gloss. Something you don't know about me is that I have a little obsession for lip products. This Blistex Deep Renewal is one of my favorite chap sticks. It's so smooth and luxurious with a bonus of spf 15.
 Here I hot glued a little mini mirror on the bottom. I really wanted it on top so she could put gloss on and look in the mirror, but it would not work. So now she can go to the gym throw this in her pocket and do quick little checks of herself with out lugging around compact.
*Itty Bitty Tippy* Through more trial and error with wrapping paper around plastic and metal I have found that the tape rollers work well, but to add a dab of hot glue right at the seams. Then quickly smooth out while it is hot works the best. You probably do not want to use the hot glue over the entire strip because it is too thick and would look lumpy.  Over time the paper seems to lift if you only use basic tape rollers. The hot glue really helps the paper stay in place the best.
 Here I added the little soft pink pearl to the top to add a little extra sweetness.
 I hand wrapped the Hershey's nuggets (they are Almond and Toffee) with paper then cut the ovals out with the basic shapes in SCAL and hand stamped the little mini "Sweet" label with Fresh Ink's Pink Lemonade.
 *Itty Bitty Tippy* The measurements of the wrappers are 1"x3" strips. This I have found stays the best. When you wrap them you want to make sure that the glue is right to the edge of the end of the strip so that it doesn't lift up. I learned this through trial and error

 Oh my I love this little flower. I used Chamomile Friendship File for the flower Here. I think it turned out so cute. I lightly inked the edges with the Fresh Ink in Pink Lemonade to give more dimension.
Originally I planned on putting the gloss inside the tin, but once I wrapped it in the paper it was just a hair too thick to fit inside nicely. I think the little Soft Lips chapsticks would fit really well inside, but I personally prefer the Deep Renewal gloss.  I was really surprised and happy how it looked on the outside when I was finished. Here I tacked the ribbon down with a little dab of hot glue.  I'm really loving the glue gun lately.
Here is a close up of the gloss tied down.
This is a pic of what I started with. What a difference huh? You can find these large tins at Michaels for a $1.00. They sell them for gift cards, but I love them for other little treats.
Thanks for looking,

If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem


  1. oh my goodness this is are one talented lady!

  2. Super cute, Lenae! So many things I would have never thought of, and how special for a friend!

  3. Super smart,sweet idea; lucky is the recipient and the person who has the privilege of being your friend! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. ***Thank you***Thank you***Thank you***

  5. These turned out great! I love the paper you used.

  6. Awesome job!!!!
    Love it!!!

  7. Cute as a button. What a great gift!

  8. I've nominated you for the stylish Blogger Award come check it out