Friday, February 11, 2011

The Anti-Valentine Valentine with mini bandaid box tutorial

Have you ever dreaded Valentines day or know someone who does? Why not make them something special to cheer them up?  Sometimes Valentines day can be so depressing for some people. I know I have had a few of those.  I know some people who even have Anti-Valentines Day Parties. A whole bunch of friends get together and celebrate being single. How cute would these be for party favors with a little box of chocolates or attached to a card for the Anti-Valentine party? They can also be a cute little gift for a friend with a broken heart to get a giggle or just a little glam pocket to hold some bandaids.  You know instead of the old ziploc baggie routine in the handbag or travel bag. You could even put a couple Q-tips in for traveling. Use it for some of your favorite stickers or embellishments. You could even use it on a scrapbook layout and tuck a little note inside,  etc. There are so many different uses for this adorable little box. I'm sure you could even find some cuter bandaids with a Valentine theme too.

This is my personal design. I am not charging for my template. All I ask from you is that you do not sell the design and if you use my design please give credit where credit is due. I ask that you link to my blog and let everyone know where you got the idea! That's it! Thank you for checking my creation out! Have fun and enjoy

 Mend a Broken Heart.
Mend a Broken Heart Bandaid Box
 I used that yummy Echo Park Be Mine paper again on this box.  It makes me smile. The heart is from Candy Cherub Bears Here. I cut it in half to make it look broken and then used a white pen to create a faux stitch.  The label is from the take out box in the Crush On You Collection Here.
Mend a Broken Heart Bandaid Box
 I used the Martha Stewart Stamp Setting Kit for the sentiment Here. (see note below) I LOVE this stamp set. I actually have more then one because I needed more letters and use it so much. You can find it usually at Michaels and if you use a coupon you should be able to get it as low as $14 (or less) for the whole set. 

*Important tip*
There are at least 2 times this set has been released. This is a picture of my personal set below. This is the one you want where the rectangular acrylic blocks go vertically rather horizontally (like in  the picture in the link above). I have both sets and the one below is the newest release. The letters fit a lot better in the 2nd release than the older set that is in the picture in the link I provided above.    

Mend a Broken Heart Bandaid Box
I used Me & My Big Ideas paper on the black box. I can't find a name for the collection. There is an item code PADX-87.  The heart on the front is the same as the heart on the pink box from the Candy Cherub Bear collection. 
Mend a Broken Heart Bandaid Box

Mend a Broken Heart Bandaid Box
  I cut out the broken heart @ 1.25"and the bandaid @ 3.25", on the back, with the Cricut Indie Cartridge Here

Mend a Broken heart with a Cricut Bandaid
 Items you will need- (You will need Velcro too)

 Cut a piece of your favorite paper to 6.5"x4.5".

4.5" side at .5", .75", 2.5",and 2.75"
6.5" side at .5", .75" 4.75" and 5"

*Itty Bitty Tippy* When scoring you want to fold the "mountain or speed bump" part of the score to the inside for clean score lines. If you don't do this you will get scoring lines that start to look shredded.

Below is what you should have. I used dark ink to show score lines.
Cut and remove the shaded area.
*Itty Bitty Tippy* When making your cuts try and cut at a slight angle almost like cutting a slice of pie. This makes it easier when folding.

 This is what is left after cutting away shaded part. You can fold and decorate from here or you can take it a step further. See below.

 Here I used the corner rounder on the flap, the tag punch to cut a design under the flap and cut off a triangle to look clean when folded. Can you also see where I cut a little slit on the flaps on the bottom where the tiny squares are? I tried using red ink so you could see it better, but it didn't show up that great.  Try enlarging the picture if you can't see the slit.
Below shows the before and after so you can see what I actually did.
AFTER AND BEFORE (should have been the other way. This is my learning curve. Now I know for next time. Ha)
That's it now fold, glue and decorate.
I would love to see what you make with the pocket.

 Question for you-
I am in the process of trying to learn how to do Youtube videos. Would you guys find a video more helpful on these tutorials?
If I can inspire just one person today I have done my job!
XOXO SugarGem 

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  1. Very cute little holder to have in your purse! :-)

  2. This is just darling. Thanks for sharing and how to make it...will definitely give this a try! :)

  3. This is so cute! Wonderful idea, thanks for the picture tutorial.